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Pick-up point: in Tokyo 23 wards at 8:00 A.M.


Tokyo Tower: 8:30 A.M.

One of the city's most iconic features which standing 333 meters. If it is clear day, you can enjoy the view of Ginza, Tokyo bay even Mt.Fuji from observation deck.

Experiencing Japanese tea ceremony: 10:00 A.M.

The magnificent Happo-en garden was once part of a daimyo’s mansion during the Edo period (1603-1867). Experience cha-no-yu, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony in a quiet little teahouse located in the midst of an estate enchanted with 100-year-old trees and wild birds. Also enjoy a rare glimpse at one of Japan’s greatest collection of bonsai trees.

*If Happoen Garden is closed, the tour will visit Meiji Jingu Shrine instead.


Lunch: 12:00 P.M.

Delight in the Japanese style of BBQ on a stone grill created from molten lava form none other than Mt.Fuji. The vast Japanese garden before your eye is so grand? It will make you wonder if you are really in the middle of Tokyo.


Imperial Palace Nigubashi  Bridge: 14:00 P.M.

This used to be a castle that housed of generations of Tokugawa shoguns, the administrators of the Tokugawa government in Edo, but with the Meiji Restoration it became the residence and palace of the Imperial family. Surrounded by a moat and abundant variety trees, It seems like a world apart situated right in the middle of Tokyo.

Asakusa and Skytree15:00 P.M.

Nakamise Street is a shopping arcade running from Kaminarimon gate to the Buddhist temple Senso-ji lined with around 90 shops. Its history goes back to the latter half of the 17th century, and its rows of shops selling uniquely Japanese souvenirs such as fans and kimonos as well as traditional foods such as rice crackers offer a truly grand spectacle.

Ginza16:00 P.M.

Free Shopping time in Ginza

Drop-off point: in Tokyo 23 wards at 18:00 P.M.

※ If you wish to change schedule, please contact us.

※ The route subject to change due to road, weather or traffic conditions.

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